1.Psychological Support Service for Families:

  • Individual psychotherapy sessions for family members

Individual psychotherapy is a therapy method that focuses on the emotional, mental and behavioral problems of the individual. This type of therapy aims to support the individual’s personal development, overcome emotional difficulties and improve the quality of life. At EÇADEM, individual psychotherapy sessions for family members are carried out using cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy and solution-focused therapy methods.

  • Group psychotherapy sessions for families

Group psychotherapy is a powerful form of therapy that allows individuals from different families who have similar experiences to come together, support each other and achieve therapeutic gains.

At EÇADEM, psycho-drama groups are opened periodically for family members, accompanied by expert therapists.

2.Psychological Support Service for EÇADEM Students:

  • Individual psychotherapy sessions

Adapted individual therapy for individuals with intellectual disabilities aims to create a safe and supportive environment between the therapist and the individual, taking into account special needs. Individual psychotherapy can be specifically adapted to individuals with intellectual disabilities. In this way, it is aimed for the individual to benefit from the therapy in the best possible way.

Some of the individual therapy methods used for students at EÇADEM are as follows;

Working with visual supports: At EÇADEM, communication is strengthened by using pictures, symbols or other visual aids during individual sessions.

Use of simplified language: In EÇADEM, the individual’s understanding process is facilitated by using simplified and understandable language instead of complex language during individual sessions

Supporting emotional expression: At EÇADEM, the use of emotional expression is supported through methods such as drama or role-playing during individual therapy sessions.

Emphasizing the individual’s strengths: During the sessions at EÇADEM, the therapist aims to increase the individual’s self-confidence by focusing on discovering the individual’s strengths.

NOTE: Every individual is different, so at EÇADEM, the therapy process is personalized by focusing on the individual’s specific needs and strengths.

  • Group psychotherapy sessions

Through group psychotherapy sessions held for students at EÇADEM, it is aimed to help students strengthen their emotional expression skills, increase their social interaction skills and cope with daily life difficulties. By creating an environment of solidarity and sharing among individuals, individuals are encouraged to interact with each other and are given the opportunity to share their experiences and support each other. Group psychotherapy sessions aim to strengthen emotional resilience and social harmony.

  • Art Therapy sessions

At EÇADEM, art therapy method is used to improve students’ emotional expressions and creativity. Art therapy aims to establish a bond between students, increase emotional strength and self-esteem. Art therapy sessions aim to support students in expressing themselves and exploring their inner world, while also strengthening feelings of interaction, sharing and solidarity within the group.

3.Psychological Support Service for Young Age Groups Receiving Sensory Integration Service from EÇADEM:

  • Individual psychotherapy sessions for family members

While younger age group students receive sensory integration sessions, their parents are offered individual psychotherapy sessions as needed.

  • Art Therapy sessions

Art therapy sessions are held in line with the individual needs of families and children receiving sensory integration services.