EÇADEM first started service in İstinye on December 1, 2014, and moved to its new building in Yeniköy on December 3, 2018. The new service building, which is more suitable in terms of its physical conditions and location, was allocated to EÇADEM by Sarıyer Municipality. It has a 300m2 indoor usage area, a large garden, and a 2-storey outbuilding in the garden.

Individuals, who are picked up from their homes by shuttle service in the morning, start the day with breakfast they make in the center. They also eat lunch at the center after receiving music, drama, sports, and animal-assisted therapy trainings that are suitable for them during the day. Individuals who develop their skills with occupational therapy activities conduct art therapy or individual therapy sessions with a psychologist in line with their needs.

In the specially designed ‘artistic events hall’ in the Center, individuals are offered the opportunity to express themselves through art and sports, relax and increase their self-confidence accompanied by lessons actiities such as rhythmtraining, piano, sports, yoga, dance and drama.

In addition, various activities are organized for mothers at the Center, and they are given the opportunity to participate in training seminars. Families are offered psychological counselling, various trainings and social activities, as well as services and opportunities such as summer camp.The summer camp is organized every year for individuals and families who cannot participate in social life. Here they are provided the opportunity to rest together and have fun. In the Sarıyer Municipality Kilyos Facilities, where the summer camp is held, Sarıyer Municipality has designed an ‘Accessible Beach’ specially for the disabled.

The Center also offers internship opportunities for university students, especially Koç students, to practice and observe in fields such as psychology, nursing, occupational therapy, language and speech therapy.