In addition to the care and consultancy services it provides to mentally disabled individuals and their families, EÇADEM has implemented the “If There Is a Hope, It’s Worth a Try” project in order to touch young mentally disabled children and provide sensory integration to mentally disabled children between the ages of 3-15 as of April 2023. started giving sessions. This service aims to prevent the sensory problems of young age children before they turn into behavioral problems in their future lives, and to ensure the integration of young age children into social life. At the same time, the goals include providing training to ensure that the cognitive, physical and social development of young children is supported by their families, including in-home planning in order to direct the process correctly, and improving their skills in coping with disadvantaged situations and managing crises.

At EÇADEM, the sensory integration service process proceeds as follows:

Families who apply to EÇADEM for sensory integration sessions are given a preliminary meeting with an occupational therapist. In this meeting, families are informed about the sensory integration process and a brief preliminary evaluation of young children is made. Afterwards, appropriate days and times are determined and necessary plans are made for the sensory integration session. The first evaluation of the young child is completed with the results of the observations and evaluation tests performed by the occupational therapist. After sensory integration sessions planned for 40 minutes once a week, the family is given supervision by an occupational therapist. Homework assignments planned according to the needs of younger children are shared with families and monitored. Families of young children who benefit from sensory integration services are also provided with psychotherapy, art therapy and psychological counseling services while their children are in the sensory integration session.