Who can apply to EÇADEM?

Individuals residing in Sarıyer who have a report of mental disability can apply to EÇADEM.

For detailed information, please fill out the Contact Form under the heading ‘Our Services’

What are the services provided at EÇADEM?

Maintenance and consultancy service

Psychological counselling

Occupational Therapy Support

Branch Lessons (Rhythm, Piano, Folk Dances, Drama, Animal Assisted Therapy)

Is there a cost for EÇADEM?

EÇADEM provides service free of charge.

How does the application process proceed at EÇADEM?

After the application, the family is invited to the center together with the center psychologist and occupational therapist to fill out the EÇADEM Application Forum and a preliminary evaluation meeting is held.

Families of individuals who meet the application criteria are called to the center to fill out the EÇADEM Student Information Forum and to be informed about the center rules in order to start the trial process of the individual.

After the information and planning is completed, the student begins the 8-week trial period.

If the student adapts, the necessary documents for final registration are requested from the family. Upon submission of the documents, the student’s final registration is completed.

How does the trial process proceed at EÇADEM?

In line with the planning determined by the center psychologist and occupational therapist, the mentally disabled individual, whose application process is completed, begins the trial process gradually. The trial period continues with the individual gradually benefiting from the center once a week for 8 weeks. This process may vary depending on the individual’s ability to adapt to the center. The individual, who gradually adapts to the center, is included in the routine functioning of EÇADEM. As a result of the 8-week trial period, individuals who adapt to the center are definitively registered to the center. However, while the trial period continues, if any problems are observed regarding the individual’s compliance or behavior within the framework of the center rules, the trial period is terminated.

What are the services provided at EÇADEM?

Services provided at EÇADEM;

Care service,

Psychology support,

Occupational therapy,

Sensory integration service,

Branch lessons (Drama, Rhythm, Folk Dances, Piano, Sports, Step, Painting, Tennis), social events (special day celebrations, museum trips, group activities, etc.)

What is EÇADEM Sensory Integration Service?

Sensory integration sessions are held at EÇADEM in order to prevent the sensory problems of mentally disabled children aged 3-15 before they turn into behavioral problems in their future lives, and to ensure the integration of young age children into social life. At the same time, within the scope of this service, training is provided to ensure that the cognitive, physical and social development of young age children is supported by the family, and supervision meetings are held with the families after each sensory integration session.

Who can apply for EÇADEM ``Sensory Integration Service``?

Families with children between the ages of 3-15 who reside in Sarıyer district, are diagnosed with mental disability, can apply for sensory integration service.

How to apply for sensory integration service? Is there a fee?

For sensory integration service, you can contact EÇADEM via the central contact number or apply online via the EÇADEM website. Sensory integration service is free of charge.

Are the services provided at EÇADEM paid?

The services provided at EÇADEM are free of charge.