EÇADEM, which aims to increase the quality of life of disabled children and their families by providing care and counseling services, has taken up residence in its new campus in Yeniköy on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

In the new building, EÇADEM, which has touched the lives of 98 children and 360 family members since its establishment, will have the opportunity to support even more people.

Established with the cooperation of Sarıyer Municipality and Koç University, and with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency, the Support Center for Disabled Children and Their Families (EÇADEM) was launched in Yeniköy on December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The building, which belongs to Sarıyer Municipality and serves as the Parks and Gardens Directorate, has been redesigned for the use of disabled individuals. In EÇADEM’s new service building disabled people can feel at home and improve their daily living skills. In addition to the daily life hall and the artistic activities hall where they can participate in activities such as rhythm training, piano, sports, yoga, drama, dance, ballet and harp, there is also a training workshop for mothers. With its large garden the center also offers children the opportunity to be in touch with nature.


The opening ceremony of the Center started with the performance of the rhythm group formed by EÇADEM students. The children’s performances received a standing ovation. Speaking at the event, Sarıyer Mayor Şükrü Genç said, “There is an incredible pride here, I read it on all of your faces. We all have responsibilities. Every manager should have a point of view. With this in mind, we saw that the mayorship is not just building roads and pavements. Life is a whole and it is beautiful when shared. This project is a pride for us. When we consider our disabled people with their families, it is half the population. So, are we here for the unimpeded 40 million or the 80 million? We are here for all segments of society. Our aim is to walk together. That’s the essence of this project. We strive to be in all areas of life. With the construction of our new building, we use our vacant buildings in this way in the field of social responsibility and we are happy to have realized this.”


Koç University Rector Prof. Dr. Umran İnan continued in the same manner, saying: “We are very proud that this initiative, which we started in 2014, has moved to its new headquarters on December 3, the ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’. EÇADEM, which we continue to operate with the valuable cooperation of Sarıyer Municipality, was serving 48 disabled children when it opened. With the financial contributions of donors, now 98 children and 360 family members have been provided support. EÇADEM, whose works were deemed worthy of various awards, will have the opportunity to provide more qualified service in its new service building.” After the speeches, the guests cut the opening ribbon together.