Our center offers a comprehensive care service to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities with the support they need in their daily lives. These services aim to improve individuals’ quality of life and support their better integration into society.

During the day, in-class trainers accompany mentally disabled individuals who benefit from the center one-on-one in their activities and support them in case they need self-care needs such as cleaning, nutrition and toileting. In-class trainers accompany individuals in various activities organized in our center to improve individuals’ communication skills and enable them to engage in social interaction.

These services are designed to provide holistic care for individuals, aiming to respond sensitively to each individual’s unique needs. Our center offers a quality care environment to enrich and support the life experience of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

EÇADEM offers psychological support services to students receiving care services, younger age groups receiving sensory integration services and their families, with a comprehensive approach focusing on the development and spiritual well-being of mentally disabled individuals. EÇADEM’s psychological support services aim to approach each individual’s unique needs in a sensitive manner, and to help those receiving psychological support services establish a stronger bond with both their families and their own potential.